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Darren Lasso

Co-Owner, Head Coach

Role: Bodyweight Specialist


CrossFit Level 2

About Coach

I grew up in St. Pete for most of my life and played soccer here for 10 years. I personally found CrossFit in 2016, and have always had a big passion for competition, but also serving others. As head coach, I lead by example & give both coaches and athletes the knowledge and resources to be successful. I enjoy breaking down movements to make them efficient & safe, and I never stop learning!

Turning Point

I had been a big procrastinator (to some degree still can be) my entire life and was well known for being the one always running late. I realized I wasn't living up to my true potential, but more importantly, I wasn't leading by example and the team was starting to notice that. Letting myself down was one thing, but letting others down always brought more disappointment. I've learned to take action and become more aware of my faults so that my team can keep me accountable on a weekly basis.

Motivation & Passion

My passion for teaching and serving others & my love for CrossFit (both the sport and methodology) have led me to run an affiliate (what better way!?). I believe anyone that is willing to be consistent, coachable, and community-driven can find a group of like-minded individuals here that wish to live a healthier lifestyle & make some awesome connections along the way!

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