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Tami Perkins


As I am turning 60 years old and have been a CrossFit member for 9 years I can still occasionally perform some WOD’s at the RX level although most are at masters RX or scalped level. I can perform double unders, I clean about 130#, I can deadlift around 185, my max box jump height is still 38”, I can still string together several toes 2 bar and kipping pull ups.


Crossfit Level 1

Crossfit Level 2

Collegiate division 1 volleyball coach

Collegiate division 1 volleyball player in the Big Ten Conference

Coach high school volleyball and basketball

About Coach

Being a scholarship division 1 Big Ten Conference volleyball player taught me how to compete and perform at a high level in a team sport. After college, I taught and coached high schoolers to do the same. I began CrossFit at age 50 and haven’t looked back. After getting my Level 1 certification my coaching desire was reignited and I didn’t miss a beat. I love seeing the athletes come into the gym shy and full of doubt about their abilities and then months later seeing them confident and strong.

Turning Point

I grew up as a good athlete and a healthy confidence level. After playing volleyball in college and then coaching at the college level, I got away from the competitive field and began jobs outside the field. I gained weight and felt somewhat out of shape. At age 50 I decided I needed to turn that around and do something that was for me. That is when I found CrossFit.

Motivation & Passion

As stated above I love seeing the change from shy and underconfident to outgoing and strong. Love it.

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